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Price: US$22.00


  • Item No.: RA-0110    
  • Name: Tai Chi Pants
  • Material: TC/PK
  • Color: Blue
  • Feature: Perspiratory
    Waistline--Unit: (inches)         Height--Unit: (cm)        Total length--Unit: (cm)
    S M L XL - -
    23-28 24-28 28-33 33-40 - -
    Height 140-150 150-158 160-165 166-175 - -
    Total length
    95cm 100cm 105cm 110cm - -

    This Kung-Fu pants is very good for Tai-Chi Quan. You won't get any tied or bind feelings at your knees and crotch when you kicking legs. The material makes skin very comfortable. Looking is good and hands well. It won't stick on your body with great elasticity. When we are doing sports, we sweat a lot. If the clothes is not really ECO and healthy, the noxious substance will be in your skin as your pores are opened. It will influence your healthy after a long time of period.

    Material: TC/PK
    Washing method: cold water, hand-wash